yewook (yewook) wrote,

title: untitled/seouldout round 2
fandom: super junior, tvxq
rating: up to r
pairings: yunho/changmin, zhou mi/kyuhyun, yehsung/ryeowook, heechul/yunho
subject: ryeowook
word count: 645
notes: seouldout rd2ch3 won People's Choice. The last MinHo is dedicated to yuxo, in honor of ChangMin's birthday.\

seouldout rd2ch1, open spaces;

RyeoWook prefers open countryside to Seoul's busy sidewalks. He appreciates peace and quiet in a way most of his friends don't. In a way YehSung can't. They spend a week's vacation in KwangJu - RyeoWook's idea. He basks in the solitude, YehSung complains until they leave. A week later, they break up. YehSung slams the door on the way out, leaves to find a distraction. RyeoWook sits by the window, looking into the city lights and wishing he was back in KwangJu, knowing this was the right decision. They would never have found a place for both of them.

seouldout rd2ch2, dead end;

there is a small pile of secrets you keep hidden deep in the corner of your closet, in a tin meant to collect small coins. these are the feelings kept buried underneath your clothes, bags, shoes, the very items that form the structure of your life. these are the words you are desperate to speak, but are too afraid to voice aloud, so you write them out on small scraps of forgotten paper for relief. a secret can remain a secret if it is spoken to Nobody. your latest secret, however, is for Somebody to dig and find You out.

seouldout rd2ch3, logic;

kyuhyun likes math, science, physics. these are subjects easy to theorize and discuss, their equations quickly comprehensible to his mind. they are systematic, with specific guidelines, ordered by set rules. without structure to his life, kyuhyun would go crazy.

zhou mi is nothing like math, science, or physics. the workings of his mind are oftentimes random, even oftener absurd. he is not calculating, he does not plan or plot. conversation with him consists of incomplete thoughts and unstructured ideas, rendering him near incomprehensible.

it is this incomprehensibility that drives kyuhyun mad, always searching for the right interpretation.

but love never promised easy answers.

seouldout rd2 ch4, hesitation;

there is uncertainty to every step forward he takes, a hesitation in the curl of his fingers as he reaches to draw changmin closer, nausea spreading across the suddenly too-tight space below his belly button when their lips meet.

a hand makes its way up his body, over his abs to his chest (his heart stops, waiting on a harsh rejection) finally coming to rest on his shoulder.

changmin's grip tightens, a low moan dropping from his lips, and yunho breathes a sigh of relief, prior tension fading. he moves one more (confident) step forward, closing the space between uncertainty and acceptance.


HeeChul kisses JungMo first, SungMin second, ShiWon third, and goes on from there. It begins with Super Show, ends with the SMTown Concerts, his final victim DongBangShinKi's Kim JunSu (who tries to run but finds himself cornered during a group performance of Hi Ya Ya). The only one he never gets around to, before the tours are over, is YunHo.

But HeeChul has one golden rule - public flirtations are a treat for his fans, private pleasures are reserved for himself.

He doesn't kiss YunHo on stage, where everyone can see, but after the concert in the privacy of a hotel room.

HeeChul kisses YunHo's forehead first, his nose second, his lips third, and goes on from there. It begins with a touch, ends with their bodies tangled together between the sheets, his final kiss the last before they close their eyes and drift off to sleep. With YunHo, there is nothing he never gets around to, eventually.

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some things are easily explained through physics and chemistry, like the moon's orbit around the earth and how water is composed of two hydrogens and one oxygen. other things are more difficult to comprehend, like the pull of two bodies together and how one heart can beat in synch with another. but laying underneath yunho, sweat-slicked palms pressed tightly together, hips rocking into hips, labored breaths mingling, changmin doesn't care so much about the hows or whys that make something like this possible. then again, yunho's always brought out that irrational, illogical, unreasonable side to him.

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Tags: fandom: tvxq, pairing: heechul/yunho, pairing: yehsung/ryeowook, pairing: yunho/changmin, pairing: zhou mi/kyuhyun, rating: g, rating: pg, rating: pg-13, rating: r, subject: ryeowook, title: seouldout round 2, title: untitled
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